About Purrr Verts

“Purrr Verts” is a video installation presented within three rooms.  The exhibition features artists from Canada and the United States who have created works themed around perversion, grotesqueness, family dysfunction and although inaccurate, presents ambitious portraits of the subconscious.  All of these ideas coexist to articulate what is existentially difficult, and yet it is also an ambitious concept to capture – and that is: that life can be so weird and twisted that it can be challenging to accept that it is actually happening.  

The exhibition features the works of Duke and Battersby (Syracuse, NY, USA); Steve Reinke (Chicago, ILL, USA); Turner Prize* (Regina, SK, Toronto, ON, Canada), Josh and Zakary Sandler, (New York, NY, USA) and Marisa Hoicka (Toronto, ON, Canada).  The show is curated by Toronto-based artist/curator, Evan Tyler, who has written a creative text which provides context within which the works can function.  As well, the work circumvents the commitment of intellectual justification while championing the idea of discovering and processing the oddities of existence.


The curator would like to thank  Kurt Im Hirsch, VTAPE, Thereisa Stipp and the artists.