Duke and Battersby - Lesser Apes

Lesser Apes (2011 13 min) tells the story of a love affair between a primatologist, Farrah and a female bonobo ape, Meema.  Bonobos are the species with which humans share the most DNA, but unlike our species, they are matriarchal, live without conflict, and are unabashedly sexual.  A paean to perversion, the film combines animation, live action and song to challenge attitudes about sex, language and our relationship to nature.




Steve Reinke/Turner Prize*

In March, 2012, the Saskatchewan-based artist collective Turner Prize* visited artist Steve Reinke in his Chicago studio in order to extract texts from his subconscious. Reinke participated in three mechanically-assisted dream simulation sessions, wherein he described scenarios, thoughts, and images with Turner Prize*. Images and scenes evoking Reinke's visions were enacted for video and photography, which in turn were edited and/or modified by Reinke.

The resulting body of work, A Branch is Too Big to Come Out of a Twig, is a collaborative exploration of the transformative act of interpretation, a reenactment of the creative process, a self-indulgent daydream, and an exercise in automatic writing diluted through long-distance exchange. In short, it is a fairly inaccurate portrait of Reinke's subconscious.



Joshua and Zakary Sandler - Brothers Beach Day in the Hamptons

'Brother's Beach Day' finds Joshua and Zachary taking a late summer stroll along a picturesque beach in the Hamptons.The visual motif of the video is reminiscent of peaceful afternoons they spent at the country club growing up.  On the walk, they share long hidden impressions on the roots of their respective "issues".



Marisa Hoicka - Still Life

A visceral reflection on historical European still life painting being enacted via performance. “Still Life” is a domestic portrayal making still life come to life: using food and the surreal to get at the guts of the body and the flesh of painting.